Radar Ranch Sheep

We started with three dairy sheep on Radar Ranch: Claire, Peanut, and Benji.

Claire is our big, white, Polypay/East Friesian cross who would most like to follow us around all day and check our pockets for treats. She always seems to be smiling and is amazingly tolerant of the rough love and snuggles of our daughter. She gave us a gallon a day on top of nursing her own twins. Once her twins were weaned, she continued to allow two more sets of twins to nurse off her & she stayed in top notch condition. Polypays are a breed developed in the United States in the 1960's & 19070's. They are a four breed cross of Finnsheep, Rambouillet, Dorset, and Targhee. Polypays retain prolificacy, early maturation, short gestation, rapid growth rate, and a strong carcass. 

Peanut is our brown FBA registered Finnsheep. She's as sweet as cherry pie with an incredibly gentle soul. Finnsheep are known for their exceptional prolificacy, often having litters of 3-7 lambs at a time. She was trained to the milk stand and milked some last year & gave about 2 quarts a day while also nursing her twins. She had twins her first year and we're waiting to see how many she lambs in March 2020. 

Benji is a dairy cross ram who is out of Karras Farms genetics. Karras farms is one of a select few farms that have imported pure Awassi genetics into the United States. Benji’s  dam & sire were gentically tested to provide evidence of their Awassi/Assaf heritage. We do not know whether or not he carries the FecB (Booroola) gene. The Awassi & Assaf can be a prolific breeds that  can contribute milking abilities and increase hardiness in flock.

Tiny is an East Friesian/Lacaune dairy ram with a straight topline & blocky body.

Rocky, Roy, & Pepe are our purebred finnsheep rams and all have remained gentle & come running for their chest scratches every day.

Mystique is a white FBA registered Finnsheep with superfine fleece. She is a sweetheart that is a strong producer. She has produced 2 sets of twins in prior years & was bred to a prolific ram this year. Judging from her pedigree we believe she carries the FecB gene that leads to more lambs per breeding. We are excited to find out how many little lambs she has in March. 

We kept Violet, a Spring 2019 ewe lamb out of Claire x Benji, since she was a fast grower, has long white fleece,  & a wonderful temperament. 

GiGi is purebred registered finnsheep that were kept out of Mystique & an off farm purebred Finn ram. She has very luxurious wool.

Thelma, Louise, & Moonlight are our our East Friesian/Lacaune dairy sheep.  2020 will be our first year milking the dairy sheep & we are curious to see how they compare to our finns. 

Lambs Currently Available

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Our Sheep



87% Polypay/ 13% East Friesian ewe



FBA registered Finnsheep ewe



FBA registered Finnsheep ewe



Karra's Farms genetics "Assaf"  ram (Awassi x East Friesian)


Scottish Blackface Ewes

Registered Scottish Blackface Ewes currently bred with imported 

Valais Blacknose semen