Solwaybank Commander, Valis Blacknose maximum point ram

Valais Blacknose Sheep

The Valais blacknose sheep, also called Walliser Schwarznasenschaf, originate from the Valais region of Switzerland. A dual-purpose breed of domesticated sheep, the valais blacknose have been used for wool & meat all the way back to the fifteenth century. 

They are a mountain breed known for their gentle, inquisitive, & personable character. We often call them pasture puppies because they are so sweet and love to follow people around. 

Both the rams & ewes have corkscrew-shaped horns but for those of you who dislike dealing with horns, we intend to have a polled line one day as well.  

They should have black faces and black ears with a white top patch on top of their head. They should have black knee patches and the ewes have a black horseshoe-shaped patch around their tail. 

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